Based on findings of the 2009 “Nobel Prize For Medicine” Winners, using 100% natural ingredients with no negative side effects...
Backed By 3 Nobel Prize Winners...
Introducing a genuine, fundamental, anti-aging breakthrough…a comprehensive, balanced program that attacks the root causes of aging, not just the symptoms. This truly amazing anti-aging treatment rejuvenates your body from the inside out, creating a younger, healthier, sexier and ultimately happier YOU!
Clinical Application Of The Theories Of The 2009
“Nobel Prize For Medicine” Winners
The amazing discovery by the 2009 “Nobel Prize for Medicine” winners,
revealed the vital role of telomeres in controlling human aging.
Using a unique hybrid 'molecular science/herbal medicine' approach, our scientists were able to use natural herbal extracts to repair the telomeres, postpone cellular aging, and strengthen the tissue cells' self-repairing capabilities, thereby rejuvenating the human body from within!
Effectively making the patient 5 to 10 years younger.
Thus a more youthful appearance, improved function, and increased resistance to disease follow naturally.
Greatly Improves Sexual Performance
For Both Sexes
For male patients, this therapy is a blessing. Sexual performance will substantially improve. A lot of patients who have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for years, will be able to experience normal sexual intercourse once more.
Women, after our “Nu-U rejuvenation treatment” will become revitalized inside and out, their new found confidence in their bodies will allow them to relax, become more responsive and actively engaged during sex! Some patients, suffering from pre-mature menopause, will even be able to start having periods once again...
Dramatically Improved Skin Tone
Aging affects more than just the appearance of the skin . The purely cos-
metic approach might be effective for a while, but the organs which are causing the skin problems are not treated at all . We need to treat the root
of the tree before we can enjoy the fruit—our youth and beauty.
Truly returning to our youth is not just about having a younger looking face, but about having a younger posture and demeanor to match our younger look. No cosmetic surgery can give you true youth.
Our Nu-U treatment makes every organ in the human body grow young again; only in this way can we achieve true and lasting rejuvenation of our skin, and once again be capable of living a happy and passionate life!
More Than Just A Perfect Weigh Loss Program
Obesity is not just an ungraceful feature; it's a sign of aging. The bigger the waistline, the shorter the life.
Those with a bigger waistline tend to get age-related illnesses sooner. Some people seek to lose weight through strict diet and high-intensity exercise. It can be effective to a degree, but causes a great deal of wear and tear and requires great will power.
Our Nu-U treatment, isn't like the average weight loss program, we don't go down the rough path of burning fats; we reconstruct your physique on a cellular level. We're offering you a perfect stay-fit program that doesn't really involve any hard work on your part.
Take Full Advantage Of The Biggest Causes Of Human Aging
As a rule of thumb, genes only make up 25% of the reason for your expected lifespan, whereas external factors such as lifestyle and care of your health contribute about 75%.
Thus, we need to utilize the most advanced and scientific means available to take full advantage of that 75% that we can control.
With our “Nu-U rejuvenation treatment”, you will become master of your own destiny.
Simply, Effectively And Naturally Balance Your Body's Inner Workings
Many people think their body is lacking vital nutrients and take a lot of supplements and drugs, but any overdose of these drugs accumulates in your body, leading to chronic poisoning, breeching the principles of healthy living, and kick starting aging ahead of its time.
With our “Nu-U Rejuvenation treatment”, which repairs, restores and renews our cells – the most basic construction unit of the human body, everything is concentrated into only 2 capsules a day, plus application of lotion in the morning and cream at night.
Simple and convenient, but very powerful and effective!
No Down-time And No Having To Lie To Explain A Sudden Change
Our complete rejuvenation treatment will make you 5 to 10 years younger, but this process is natural and gradual; it will not interfere with your normal work and study schedules.
You don't have to take weeks off work as you would with cosmetic surgery, and it'll spare you the necessity of hiding the procedure or claiming that a few weeks of rest have suddenly made you grow young.
Holistic Approach With No Negative Side Effects
Though we use only natural plant extracts, our treatment is not to be confused with traditional Chinese herbal medicine; instead, we have gained fundamental control of the aging mechanism itself. We are attacking the problem of aging right where it starts, in the 100 trillion cells of the human body!
In more than 8 years of clinical usage, we have seen one miraculous case after another, absolutely free of negative side effects.
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